Welcome to Beeswax Energy!

We’re Beeswax Energy, and we get a real buzz out of helping businesses to find the best electricity and gas deals. (We’re officially what’s known in the energy industry as a Third Party Intermediary (TPI), or energy broker.)

Who are we?

Beeswax Energy is a startup by a couple of energy geeks – with over 10 years of experience in the energy sector – who know that most businesses don’t have the time to understand the energy industry’s many buzzwords. We have a real bee in our bonnet about the amount most businesses are overpaying for their electricity and gas, and so we’re here to help – let us mind your beeswax! (We also get a real buzz out of bee puns.) 

What do we do?

Beeswax Energy, like most TPI brokers, analyse your energy usage (via your energy bills), source quotations for you from energy suppliers, and help with your switch to your chosen supplier. We can also check that the bills that your new energy supplier sends you are correct, and advise you on how to upgrade to a smart meter, if you don’t have one yet.

Unlike some TPI brokers though, we are fully transparent up-front on the commission you’ll pay for our services, we never agree sales targets with energy suppliers, and we never use pressure-sales techniques to win your custom. We work for you, and we refrain from having direct relationships with energy suppliers, as we feel this is a conflict of interest in a client-broker relationship. 

Our values

Our core values are fairness, openness, clarity, and transparency. 

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